How to send money abroad and get lucky


Many people ask me how to send money online like a phoenix.

I tell them, this does not make sense. Right? But everything ends with beginnings.

And by this, I mean that the planet could be spinning I would still send my cash overseas. Because my family needs it, and because of the force of beginnings.

I get it, it’s wrong, but I’ve come too far to give up. I would prefer to raise the bar and transfer to the stars.

You see where am I going?

I am up all night to send some,

She is up all night to receive some.

Money I mean, because we are still talking about money in the end. The real question here is where.


Where should you send your money?

The question is real, the question is there.

I’d like to send it somewhere, maybe to the moon, maybe to the stars, but I’d prefer to send it to Africa, to help someone there. Like a remittance, like a donation of myself.

But I would also send it to India, to help people there. And to Vietnam as there spring rolls are delicious. I could exchange currencies just to taste a spring roll. Would it make sense to make a currency out of spring rolls?

Would I give more money if I could send it internationally?

Yes I would, I would send everything, my pennies, my cents, my pesos, everything which make sense. Everything which could be shared with the global world we live in. Everything that an ONG could use to do something.

I would also make the best out of my currency transfers if only some company could help me have fun when doing it. Money transfers are no fun, it’s not like creating a saving account of make a loan, no, it’s no fun. This has to change, NOW!

Well I said it.